SCADA systems are being used to measure different parameters remotely and to send commands. For Instance, it can be used in power transmission lines (such as electricity, gas and water), to monitor, control and send commands to the system.

Various Data Transmission networks can be used to transfer data between the central equipment and remote equipment.


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شبکه های صنعتی

Industrial Network

Industrial automation networks have been created for communication between various components in automation systems. Industrial Networks can make connection between controllers.

industrial network can also be used for data communications and making connection between I/O remote controller and PLC or DCS system controllers. In modern systems that transducers (Transducer) and operators have internal controller, Industrial controllers provide direct connection between controllers and them.

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سیستم های مبتنی بر PC

PC Based Control

Most affordable and most flexible solutions in the field of industrial automation systems, are computer-based systems. In this method different computers with different industrial platforms and in particular PICMG are being used as processor part. Sensors or Actuators are usually added as Installable cards on industrial computers in system processor.

Because of the diversity of platforms and available cards, these systems can be used with applications that require quick change.


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PLC systems are basically centralized control systems that one controller is responsible for controlling the entire Automation system. Data Gathering units (Sensors) and Acting units (Actuators) are connected to PLC, directly or via Industrial Network.

Using microprocessor control system instead of a bulky and expensive "relay contactor" is the main advantage of the PLC.

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 رابط کاربر


HMI systems that are usually part of the system software, are used in application-layer of automation system. HMI is acting as a liaison between system automation and operator to monitor the control systems.

Providing constant feedback of automation system performance to the user will increase system performance, due to of is due to accurate decision-making caused by timely and appropriate information provided to user.


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سیستم های کنترل توزیع شده


DCS systems or distributed control systems are not centralized and controllers can be connected via industrial networks and exchange data. Decision-making in process control is distributed between controllers.

The advantage of this system is that since of control centralized in one spot, when a section is disabled, the entire system will not be disabled.

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کنترل حرکت

Motion Control

Motion control is one of the main sectors of industrial automation which include monitoring the location and speed of the cars. Motion control is the main part the in production line of robotic system and their function which is done through linear actuator, electric motors, hydraulic pumps and other operators.

Architecture of motion control system is usually based on using feedback cycle.

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قعال کننده و عملگر


Inverters convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) electricity. Inverter have the ability to create different AC waveforms and frequencies and that is the reason they have multiple applications.

In basic applications, inverters convert direct current from power sources such as batteries inside the UPS output or solar cells to alternating current. In addition to the main function, inverters can do the voltage synchronization of output from direct current supply with alternating voltage lines. It also can be used to change the frequency of inverter output to control the speed of engine.


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حسگر و مبدل

Sensor and Transducer

Transducers are capable of converting the energy from one to another form of energy. Three important categories of Transducers are used in industry. The first category are sensors that detect the energy and report the diagnosis of another form of power.

The second category are operators which receive electric energy and create a momentum or movement. The third category is hybrid converters, which have the role of sensor and actuator together and in some cases also involved in action control.

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سیستم های راه انداز

Motor Drive

A significant proportion of the world's electrical energy is consumed by motors. To reduce energy consumption and efficiency of the electric motors we can use drive systems and electronic engine speed control, for recycling energy.

In addition to the energy consumption advantages, these systems increase the efficiency, performance and service life of engine.

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